The Margaret and Seba Bronson Scholarship

A scholarship can make an enormous difference in the life of a student. One such student is William Samples, the 2015 recipient of the Margaret and Seba Bronson Scholarship. William graduated from North Monterey County High School and will be studying molecular biology at Humboldt State University with the goal of pursuing a career in medical research.

William Samples PictureWilliam, like many students today, was concerned about the amount of debt he would take on to continue his education. As he puts it, receiving a scholarship “has done nothing less than change my life. My parents were concerned about me accumulating student loan debt because after 20 years, my mother is still paying off hers.” With a combination of a Pell Grant, a Cal Grant, and the Margaret and Seba Bronson Scholarship, William will be able to attend college debt free.


I can guarantee that I would not feel as happy and free about continuing my education without the Bronson Scholarship. – William Samples

We manage over 30 scholarship funds, awarding nearly $300,000 each year to students throughout Monterey County. Our professional staff works with donors to design scholarship programs that fulfill their philanthropic vision and help students to achieve their educational goals.