Mentoring for Organizations was developed for the Community Foundation for Monterey County’s Center for Nonprofit Excellence (CNE) by Judith Sulsona and Terry Teitelbaum, in consultation with CNE Director Kaki Rusmore, who conceived the original idea for the project.

Judith Sulsona wrote the Mentoring for Organizations Handbook and compiled the majority of the resources found in the Toolbox. Terry Teitelbaum developed the overall project design, contributed resources, and edited and designed the Handbook.

Many consulting colleagues, foundation staff, and community leaders have been learning partners along the way to developing this resource.

With great appreciation, we acknowledge the sincere and authentic commitment to this work of Marie Glavin, a co-designer of the mentorship model with Judith Sulsona.

We also acknowledge the skilled approach to editing, designing, and making this tool accessible taken by Terry Teitelbaum, and her dedication to implementing this model as a very effective mentor herself.

We particularly thank Kaki Rusmore, Director of the Center for Nonprofit Excellence of the Community Foundation for Monterey County, and Miguel Salinas, Program Officer of the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, for their trust and support for this work over the years and for their respect for the essential value and contributions that small and grassroots organizations and their leaders bring to their communities.

Thanks also go to Amanda Holder, Community Foundation for Monterey County Communications Director, who advised on design and technical matters. Sacha Manov and Anab Mohamed lent essential support preparing resources and checking links. And, we heartily thank our reviewers: Catherine Crocket, Julie Drezner, Hannah Garcia, Marie Glavin, David Mancera, Elsa Quezada, Michelle Slade, and Vance Yoshida.

Last, but not least, our heartfelt gratitude goes out to the hundreds of community leaders of all ages, both staff and volunteers, who trusted our guidance and embodied for us how authentically committed leadership can transform communities.