Latinos & COVID-19: A Discussion LINK

Latinos & COVID-19: A Discussion LINK

The Siemba Latinos Fund of the Community Foundation for Monterey County held a Zoom discussion on October 8, 2020 about COVID-19 impacts on Monterey County Latinos. The virus has adversely impacted Latino/as in Monterey County. Data released by the County of Monterey demonstrates a higher prevalence of cases among Latinos at 93% of cases despite being 61% of the total population.

Thank you to Ida Lopez Chan, Blanca Zarazua, Professor Torres-Gil and Elsa Mendoza Jimenez for your powerful and invigorating comments on the Covid-19 crisis Latinos face in Monterey County. Some important insights captured:

  • “Zip code is destiny” and geography matters in terms of who gets access to care in our community.
  • “Our cultural resilience to take care of ourselves in the absence of a public safety net-juntos- is now working against us.”
  • We must continue to take care of ourselves and our essential workers now and beyond Covid-19, to take off the “bandage,” as Elsa said, and finally address the root causes of social inequities.


panelists Moderator: Blanca Zarazua, Esq. Siembra Latinos Fund Advisory Board Member
Dr. Fernando Torres-Gil, Director of the Center for Policy Research on Aging, Professor of Social Welfare and Public Policy, UCLA
Elsa Mendoza Jimenez, Director of Health, County of Monterey Health Department

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