8 Things You Can Do Now to Empower Women & Girls

8 Things You Can Do Now to Empower Women & Girls

By Tracy Gary, Author “Inspired Philanthropy,” 2017 Women’s Fund Luncheon Keynote Speaker 

Keep Marching, Giving Together

We are awake as never before.

It is, as has been said, “the best of times (for some) and the worst of times” for others. Let’s be here for those that need it and lift all while shaping the world we want.

Women's Fund 2017We stand on the shoulders of pink-hatted women, supportive LGBT allies, and men and brothers, who walked with us in solidarity, and all those who marched and worked before us. Keep marching!


Women are the Solution

Worldwide the evidence is that women are the solution to changing communities! We know this, but many do not feel the confidence some have seen through change making and our own internal shifts.

Tracy GaryReflect for a moment on when you saw or felt your first injustice as a woman or to a woman you care about. Remember that moment as you fire ahead now. Your activism and generosity are key!” – Tracy Gary 

Lead the Charge for Change

We will never give up. We have made remarkable progress, but still lag in wages, in the legislatures, and at public and private decision-making tables, where the largest money is being decided. Our values are not yet shaping the investments made by businesses, foundations, or governments or in city councils.

 8 Things You Can Do

  1. Honor your loving and valuing of women and girls, by upping your time, and leadership and dollar commitments, and your investments as a mentor, donor or investor in women owned businesses and ventures. Truly support and nurture your community initiatives by being lead funders and givers, and investors.
  2. Buy from women owned businesses, use your consumer boycotting power, and support our economic capacities and our communities’ thrivability.
  3. Have and own your giving and legacy plan and prioritize women and girls for at least 51% of it.
  4. Have a discussion about your values and your expectations with your partner, spouse, family and/or husband.
    This is key. Be a money mentor in your family and get them to sit down and hear your views. Women ARE THE SOLUTION to change, we know this worldwide. They/we are under attack, and so we see increased violence and degrading of women and girls, in porn, and trafficking, and we MUST step to turn the tide and getting better support for them. We must protect the rights and laws we have won over long hard efforts.
  5. Learn more about get involved in policy efforts through the Community Foundation for Monterey County’s Women’s Fund, and in your community. Advocacy is key now and complements our direct service efforts.
  6. Convene other women and in social media and in op eds and the media. We have found our voices. Let’s keep using them fully. Check writing is part of how we amplify and accelerate the work.
  7. Lead with gusto and generosity, today, in pledges and as you unleash your legacy.
  8. Attend to the Women’s Fund Lunch May 9 (or support your local Women’s Fund).

Together we keep our joyful, persistent, commitment to equality and justice fully expressed.

Tracy Gary is a philanthropist, author and philanthropic & legacy advisor www.unleashinggenerosity.org

Keep the Momentum Strong – Women’s Fund Lunch

Women's Fund Lunch InviteCome to the Community Foundation for Monterey County’s Women’s Fund Lunch Tuesday, May 9, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency to be inspired and support Monterey County women and girls in their quest to succeed.