Stories of Impact: Immigration

Stories of Impact: Immigration

This series of blog posts focuses on Community Impact grantee highlights in the areas of Arts, Culture & Historic Preservation, Children & Youth, Health & Human Services, Community Development and Environment & Animal Welfare. 

Grantee Highlight

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Monterey

Over the last year, political uncertainty regarding immigration policy has caused an unprecedented surge in people seeking out immigration services from Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Monterey (Catholic Charities).

“The scare is real and it is very serious,” said Terrie Iacino, Executive Director of Catholic Charities. “We have been flooded with immigrants coming in for information – needing to know their rights, where they stand and what they should do in the event a family member family is stopped and asked about their status.”

A $30,000 community development grant from the Community Foundation for Monterey County supported immigration services and allow for expansion of services to Greenfield to serve Southern Monterey County communities.

Iacino says stories of children being kept home from school and people fearful of families being broken up by deportations are true, and that the change in immigration policies is prompting long-time green-card holders and others to take citizenship classes and get on the pathway to citizenship.

The organization has about 2,000 active immigration cases, and have qualified close to 700 others for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

TerryIacinoWe let our clients know that regardless of what happens, we will walk the road with you, regardless of where it leads.” – Terry Iacino, Executive Director, Catholic Charities

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