Grantee Stories: Opportunity & Organizational Development Grants

Grantee Stories: Opportunity & Organizational Development Grants

The Community Foundation for Monterey County (CFMC) is responsive to community needs through its Opportunity and Organizational Development grant programs.

Grants to 22 Nonprofits in 2018

Opportunity grants support new and emerging efforts and unexpected time-sensitive needs. Organizational Development grants can strengthen an entire organization’s effectiveness and efficiency. This year, nine organizations received Opportunity grants and 13 received Organizational Development grants.

Organizational Development grants are used for a wide variety of purposes, from first-time board retreats to strategic planning, executive coaching and transitions, communications development, and more. These one-time grants generally provide support of $5,000 or less, and applications are accepted throughout the year.
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Here is a snapshot of three organizations receiving grants.

Asian Cultural Experience

Asian Cultural ExperienceAsian Cultural Experience Salinas is a community of people whose stories await telling. Waves of immigrants and those looking to work hard have found their way to the Salinas Valley.

A $5,000 Opportunity grant will support the “Story of Salinas Chinatown” exhibit which recounts the lives and contributions of three founding ethnic groups: the Chinese, Japanese, and Filipinos, as well as Latino families and businesses that arrived in the mid-20th century. The exhibit will be on view at at the historic Harvey House (First Mayor’s House) in Salinas in spring 2019.

“Since the 1870s, Salinas Chinatown has been a marginalized community. This exhibit will help Salinas Valley residents and students understand the historical contexts for changes that the Chinatown neighborhood has undergone since its founding, as
well as more recently,” said Jean Vengua, Co-Chair of Asian Cultural Experience.

Community Emergency Response Volunteers (CERV) of the Monterey Peninsula

CERVWhen disaster strikes, prior preparation can save lives. Community Emergency Response Volunteers (CERV) of the Monterey Peninsula wants to make sure all members of our community have a plan.

They will use a $4,500 Organizational Development grant to engage nonprofits serving people with disabilities in preparedness training.

“There is an urgent need to increase awareness, planning and collaboration among nonprofit organizations representing people with access and functional needs,” said Lee Whitney, CERV President.

Here is a profile of resiliency about Big Sur-based blogger Big Sur Kate from CERV.

Regeneration – Pajaro Valley Climate Action

Pajaro Valley CLlimate.Regeneration kickoffPajaro Valley Climate Action is working to develop climate justice leaders. An Opportunity grant will support two California State University, Monterey Bay students who will promote free solar installations on homes; develop a program promoting adoption of a plant rich diet to help reduce carbon footprint and conduct surveys and outreach to guide future initiatives and influence policymakers.

“Our project addresses the need to identify and equip young environmental justice leaders to respond locally to the global problem of climate change to inspire individual and community-wide participation,” said Nancy Faulstich, Director.




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