Scientist to Philanthropist – Dr. Allen E. Fuhs

Scientist to Philanthropist – Dr. Allen E. Fuhs

Dr. Allen E. Fuhs really is a rocket scientist. An engineer, scientist, professor, and author with a distinguished career in engineering and aeronautics, he has now channeled his lifelong passion for education and science into philanthropy.

Dr. Fuhs: Rocket Scientist

Dr. Fuhs’ life has been defined by hard work and education. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of New Mexico, and master’s and doctoral degrees in Mechanical Engineering from California Institute of Technology. During his career, he served as Chief Scientist at Aero-Propulsion Laboratory at Wright- Patterson Air Force Base. As a faculty member, he taught for 21 years at the Naval Postgraduate School.

He chaired both the Aeronautics and Mechanical Engineering departments, becoming Distinguished Professor Emeritus. He was Chief Scientist for Orbital Sciences Corporation. Dr. Fuhs served as Editor in Chief of the Journal of Aircraft and was elected President of American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics, AIAA. He served on the Space Policy Advisory Board for the National Space Council during the George H.W. Bush administration and was elected into the New Mexico Museum of Space History’s International Space Hall of Fame in 1992.

Fuhs was named AIAA Honorary Fellow in 2013 for his outstanding contributions in the field of aeronautics. During his long career, he authored 120 technical articles. He owns two patents on reentry vehicles and has written over a dozen books ranging from magnetohydrodynamics, fluid dynamics, to hybrid vehicles.

Turning Towards Philanthropy

When you live to be 90 and have adequate assets, you say what do I do with this?” noted Dr. Fuhs, about turning his focus towards philanthropy.

Dr. Fuhs created the CSUMB-KQED Internship in Science Communications because he feels strongly that, “There is a great need for people who can explain scientific topics so the general public is informed.”

The paid internship helps develop skilled science journalists, able to communicate complex information thoughtfully and effectively to the public. As of 2018 four outstanding students will have completed their internships.

Fuhs Family Foundation

Monterey attorney Jennifer Walker referred him to the CFMC to facilitate his charitable vision. He created the Fuhs Family Foundation, an endowed donor advised fund, to support the internship and other philanthropic interests. He named his daughter, Dr. Susan Fuhs, as donor advisor.

By giving back to students with a passion for communicating about science, the hope is they will improve their skills and pursue it as a career.

In the twilight years you get a different view of money – you’d like to see the money do some good.” – Dr. Allen Fuhs