Raymond Costa Invests in Potential

Raymond Costa Invests in Potential

Ivan Gonsalez’s routine is anything but routine. Each day, there’s work to be done – driving to CSU Monterey Bay from Soledad – some 50 miles each way – while holding down a job as shift leader at the local McDonald’s.

“Yeah, I’m busy, but’s it’s going to be worth it. I’m a working student so everything I pay out of pocket. I have to follow through with my education,” said Gonsalez, the first in his family to attend college.

Enter his boss, McDonald’s franchisee and Salinas Valley businessman Raymond H. Costa.

Costa knows the character-building that comes with struggle. He was a tenacious United Parcel Service driver twice rejected by the McDonald’s Corporation for a shot at a franchise. Costa now owns 10 McDonald’s located in King City, Soledad, Greenfield, Gonzalez and Salinas.

The lesson is you don’t ever give up,” –  Raymond Costa, Raymond H. Costa Family Scholarship Fund 

$56,250 awarded to 13 students through employee scholarship

Costa shared his story with the 13 employees who received $56,250 in scholarship awards from his Raymond H. Costa Family Scholarship Fund established at the Community Foundation for Monterey County (CFMC). Since launching his fund in 2017, Costa has awarded $108,000.

Recipients included Gonsalez, whose experience at McDonald’s led him to study business management. He’s on track to graduate at the end of the year.

Other recipients, Gabriela Jorge Maldonado wants to study engineering.

Ana Landin, also at CSUMB, plans on working for a nonprofit organization.

Their aspirations are now closer to reality thanks to Costa’s generosity.

Ana Landin Costa Scholarship recipient“I think it is great what Mr. Costa is doing and motivating not only myself but other employees to pursue higher education,” –  Ana Landin, Raymond H. Costa Family Scholarship Recipient  

Dan Baldwin, President and CEO of the CFMC advised the students to remember the day.

Dan Baldwin, President/CEOSometime later in life you will look back and realize the impact that this scholarship had on your life. Someone intervened in your life to make a difference.” – Dan Baldwin, CFMC President/CEO

2018 Raymond H. Costa Family Scholarship Fund recipients

Raymond H Costa Family Scholarship recipientsFelipe Lorenzo Campa, Celine Nicole Castro, Jesus Floriano-Ramirez, Ivan Artemio Gonsalez, Eduardo Herrera, Ana Cristina Landin, Brian Frank Lopez, Gabriela Jorge Maldonado, Alyssa Maydon, Belen Sarai Torres, Bianca Guadalupe Uribe, Andrea de Jesus Valdez, Zuleyma Victoria Valdez

The Raymond H. Costa Family Scholarship Fund is one of 50 named scholarships funds managed by the Community Foundation for Monterey County More than $1,300,000 is awarded annually for the benefit of 375 students.

For more information about scholarships please call Christine Dawson, CFMC Vice President of Philanthropic Services at (831) 375-9712, visit www.cfmco.org/Scholarships.

About the CFMC

The mission of the Community Foundation for Monterey County is “to inspire philanthropy and be a catalyst for strengthening communities throughout Monterey County.”

The CFMC granted $16.7 million in 2017 to more than 400 nonprofits. In addition to providing grants, the CFMC supports local nonprofit organizations by providing capacity building services and leadership development through the Center for Nonprofit Excellence (CNE). It is a fully accredited community foundation that is held to rigorous national standards.

Raymond Costa and son Greg Costa present Raymond H. Costa Family scholarships